Sunday, 22 November 2009

hair + camera + etc.

Well, I finally solved my long/short hair dilemma. I went asymmetrical. I'm still lusting after high buns, but I do quite like the boy-short aspect! I've never had it this short before. It's not quite as amazing and unruly as this lovely lady's, but hopefully as it grows out it will get there. My hair is ridiculously thick, so here's hoping!

Apparently pneumonia is the hot new illness to have (Nicole Richie, Fifi Box, I'm looking at you*). But let's get it on the record: I had it first. Including a four-day hospital visit. Which kind of gives me an excuse for not posting in a while. Sadly, I was too ill for my 'HOORAY, UNI IS OVER' trip to Melbourne with the Uni-girls... but in the meantime (and with the money I 'saved'), I think I have finally decided on a new camera:

The Pentax K-x.

It's a fairly recent release, but if anyone has happened to use it or has any other advice for a entry-level DSLR please do share. Maybe you've had a bad experience with a Pentax. Maybe you've bought a different camera and have found it's the love of your life. I'm in desperate need of a new camera though... I feel totally uninspired to take pictures, or write, or do anything at the moment. Now I have too much time on my hands, and very little to do. Oh dear.

(*I feel like any semblance of street cred that I had just vanished, but I guess that's what being laid-up in front of daytime TV for two weeks does to you.)