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Monday, 24 November 2008

walks through cph 01.

frisør. posters. can.

all white and chilly.

snow 03. snow 02. snow 01.

This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning... and it stuck around too! More fell today, so I can't wait to wake up tomorrow to see even MORE snow! It is so pretty and gentle when it falls... it is lovely to watch.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

(sn) oh! (w).

It was cold but clear all day, and then tonight...

first snow 01.
first snow 02.
first snow 03. was light, but it was SNOW. Perfect.

Friday, 21 November 2008

le fabuleux destin d'amélie poulain.

<scene in amelie. green grocer in amelie 01. amelie's cafe. paris windmill. paris vintage shop 01.

Sure, it's a bit cliched, but Amelie is my favourite movie in the whole world, so of course when I went to Paris I couldn't resist checking out a few of the sights up in Montmarte, where she 'lives'. I found this awesome walk that we decided to do late one afternoon. Above is the metro station where she leaves the blind man after showing him around the streets; the grocers (Maison Collignon) which still has the sign from the movie, but was unfortunately closed by the time we got there; and Amelie's cafe, Café des deux Moulins, where we stopped for a coffee :) It wasn't exactly the same as in the movie (the glass where she wrote backwards was gone!) but it was still cosy, and not overcrowded with tourists, surprisingly. We also found on our walk one of the last remaining windmills in Paris, and a cute vintage store.

nitten, tyve.

eiffel tower 01.

Paris, Paris

(You knew it was coming. Paris without the Eiffel Tower and croissants? Impossible.)

That is the end of my travels, for now, although there are always more on flickr.

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Monday, 17 November 2008

ti, elleve, tolv.

building 01.
view from above 01.
stockholm street art 02.

Berlin, Paris, Stockholm

Grey is a colour that knows no international boundaries. Particularly in Denmark at the moment. It is something I need to get used to, quick smart.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

syv, otte, ni.

cimetiere du pere-lachaise 01. post box 02. poster wall.

Cimetiere Du Pere-Lachaise - Paris, Paris, Berlin

Saturday, 15 November 2008


It started to get dark at 4:30pm today. The sky has been grey all day. I've turned on my fairy lights, put on some Goldfrapp and am happily baking away. Later on I am going to write letters, and start reading Wuthering Heights. Probably drink some tea too. Vanilla tea, I think.

Friday, 14 November 2008

fire, fem, seks.

versailles 07.
berlin street art 02.
music store.

Versailles - Paris, Berlin, Stockholm

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

en, to, tre.

paris street 01.
type sale.

Paris, Berlin, Stockholm

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


coiffure 03.
berlin street art 08.
cimetiere du pere-lachaise 02.
oscar wilde, cimetiere du pere-lachaise, paris.

The lovely Danica tagged me a while ago and up until now I have been too busy to play. Here goes:
  • four things i did today:
made collaged envelopes out of various free magazines i have picked up around the place / rode my bike to university / ate yummy a leftover rice concoction for lunch / pretended to be a postman/woman
  • four things on my to do list:
send letters home / bake muffins / do some work on my group project / keep exploring copenhagen
  • four of my guiltiest pleasures
interpol / bread (any and all kinds, from a seedy rye loaf to a sweet pastry) / vintage shoes  / watching football
  • four random facts about me
i don't like chocolate i got a perfect score for year 12 phys ed / i don't enjoy driving / i get more inspiration from people in the street than from any fashion magazine

I gather that I am supposed to tag someone else now... so Fruszi, Kimberly and Katrine, you are all welcome to join if you would like to!

Monday, 10 November 2008


I'm still here!

tannon + baguette.
Baguette time in front of Centre Pompidou, Paris
so scandinavian.
A chance find through an open dooway, Stockholm
berlin wall 03.
Graffiti on the Berlin Wall, Berlin

Tannon left for home yesterday morning. It was so nice to have him here, but also so hard to say goodbye.

We have been so busy for the past month, traveling between 4 countries (twice to Sweden!), showing my parents around when they visited, not to mention my Uni work in between. Now it's all back to normal for me, and the next time I see them all I will be home. It is actually only 80 days until I return, which doesn't seem like a very long time at all.

I have no idea where to start with stories and photos. Very simply, we spent four nights in Paris; two in Berlin; a day trip in Malmo with my parents, and a day trip to Stockholm (I know, it's crazy).

Maybe I'll try describing each in 25 words or less-(ish). And slowly but surely I will post up photos.

Paris: Often just like in Amelie, but more often overcrowded with tourists and/or creepy people. Croissants are heaven, likewise the vintage shops. I think I'll leave being all Parisian and chic and cool to actual Parisians though.

Berlin: Hip in parts and somewhat generic in others. Seems to be everything and nothing to do all at the same time. Quiet but happening. A strange vibe. Hardly any (noticeable) tourists and I always felt comfortable.

Malmo: Didn't do/see a lot, just took my parents across the water so they could see 'Sweden'. I'll go back in a couple of weeks to explore some more. Copenhagen-ish, but smaller and slightly cheaper.

Stockholm: A lot of the beauty of Paris, coupled with the hipness of Berlin and the cosiness of Copenhagen. And I was only there for 8 hours! Cold and grey though. To be expected.

Apart from that we've been Halloween-party-ing, Helsingor-visiting (again! For my parents, this time), Jul-beer-celebrating, present-shopping (Tannon's suitcase was half full of gifts I am sending home) and just generally having lovely hygge-ish times with friends. For the record, 'hygge' is a Danish word that loosely translates to 'cosy', and I have no idea how to use it in a sentence so I deeply apologise for that abomination :) It's such a wonderful concept though, the word 'cosy' doesn't really do it justice... think dinner and drinks and love and laughs and just generally having a lovely time, all wrapped up into one little word.

I'm not sure if I will travel again before January when I leave - perhaps if some friends want to go somewhere I will tag along. In Janurary I hope to go to London for a bit, and also to spend a few days in France and Italy, all with people who actually come from there. It will be nice to spend some time with some 'locals' instead of just being a tourist. Perhaps I will drop into Brussels or Prague or Edinburgh or somewhere as well. Suggestions?