Tuesday, 11 November 2008


coiffure 03.
berlin street art 08.
cimetiere du pere-lachaise 02.
oscar wilde, cimetiere du pere-lachaise, paris.

The lovely Danica tagged me a while ago and up until now I have been too busy to play. Here goes:
  • four things i did today:
made collaged envelopes out of various free magazines i have picked up around the place / rode my bike to university / ate yummy a leftover rice concoction for lunch / pretended to be a postman/woman
  • four things on my to do list:
send letters home / bake muffins / do some work on my group project / keep exploring copenhagen
  • four of my guiltiest pleasures
interpol / bread (any and all kinds, from a seedy rye loaf to a sweet pastry) / vintage shoes  / watching football
  • four random facts about me
i don't like chocolate i got a perfect score for year 12 phys ed / i don't enjoy driving / i get more inspiration from people in the street than from any fashion magazine

I gather that I am supposed to tag someone else now... so Fruszi, Kimberly and Katrine, you are all welcome to join if you would like to!


ryan manning said...

neutral facial expression

danica said...

Welcome back, Steph! Your photographs from all over Europe are swoon worthy. Thanks for playing along. I too share a love of bread and watching football :)