Sunday, 13 February 2011

My friends Lara and Laura are building a life-sized snow globe at Format on Tuesday. I completely intend going along dress like this. One night only folks. (PS the exhibition downstairs at the moment, Adam Synnott's Light Interrupted, is amazing. It's a screen in a dark room that responds to touch by creating light patterns and sounds. Incredible!)

This girl has my dream hair cut. Via here.

Dreaming of oversize and drapes. Via here and here.

My wardrobe is in desperate need of an overhaul. But I can't find anything that takes my fancy, anywhere! Not even Etsy. Do you have a secret webshop go-to, or hidden Etsy store I may have missed?

Friday, 11 February 2011

Eep, our festival begins TOMORROW. I have no idea how we are so calm/prepared (or maybe we aren't?) You can see from the program that there is a LOT on... I'm particularly excited for the four square championships, the 'Hipster Ghetto' exhibition (which somehow I'll have some photographs in... uh oh...) and the Zine Fair. If you are in Adelaide you must come along. I'll be the quiet-ish girl with he short hair flapping around making sure everyone's having a good time. Say hi!

Format Festival
12 - 27 Feb
15 Peel St, Adelaide

PS Have you seen the Festival's Avant Card? The lovely folks there let a whole bunch loose across Australia last week. The image on the front is mine. So surreal to see it in a stand and to know that people are picking it up!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Oh you guys, enough already!

Amazingness at Boy by Band Of Outsiders via The Thinking Tank

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I saw Sufjan Stevens at the Festival Theatre last night. I cannot put in to words how amazing it was. What a talent. One of my friends took to writing notes every time something more incredible than the last happened, just so she could remember. I would list them, but they would seem absurd. Individually they do seem absurd, even bordering tacky (think fluro face paint, aluminium foil headdresses, back up dancers, ribbon twirling, balloons and glitter falling from the roof...) But they were just so right in this context. He is amazing, his band is amazing, his influences are amazing, his music, particularly from this latest album, is nothing short of brilliant.

I don't know that the gig will change my life in the way the infamous Interpol 2008 one did, but I can honestly say it was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. Yes, better than Interpol.

PERTH he is playing for you on THURSDAY 3/2. BUY A TICKET. If you have never heard of Sufjan Stevens before now, BUY A TICKET. You cannot miss this performance. Please don't.