Friday, 11 February 2011

Eep, our festival begins TOMORROW. I have no idea how we are so calm/prepared (or maybe we aren't?) You can see from the program that there is a LOT on... I'm particularly excited for the four square championships, the 'Hipster Ghetto' exhibition (which somehow I'll have some photographs in... uh oh...) and the Zine Fair. If you are in Adelaide you must come along. I'll be the quiet-ish girl with he short hair flapping around making sure everyone's having a good time. Say hi!

Format Festival
12 - 27 Feb
15 Peel St, Adelaide

PS Have you seen the Festival's Avant Card? The lovely folks there let a whole bunch loose across Australia last week. The image on the front is mine. So surreal to see it in a stand and to know that people are picking it up!


amy said...

oh how exciting! i hope it goes well!

Peter Fong said...

I'm so excited too!