Sunday, 30 June 2013

A thick layer of dust seems to have settled over this corner of the internet. I feel like I'm writing into an echo chamber, hearing my own 'hello - hello - hello - hello' diminish in volume with each repetition.

Lately - well, for a long time now - I've been enjoying other people's words and images far more than my own. I've felt no need to write into the void, into the echo chamber. That feeling hasn't changed, but I do miss something about this whole caper. Perhaps the sense of shared knowledge.

So if anyone is still out there, hello. I hope you are well.

This won't be regular, but for now this is what I have, with a hefty hat-tip to Jessica Stanley, whose Read. Look. Think. is the best thing on the internet. True. Jessica is a beacon of thought and interest, go forth and follow her wherever you can. Maybe some of the following came from her? In any case, it's all been sitting in my emails and open tabs for a while.
  • "A good navy," says a French woman with short blonde hair, "is going to fulfill the role that black used to fill, because black is now launching into another dimension." Inside Pantone colour forecasting