Saturday, 29 March 2008

sweet video.

I'm not The Kooks' biggest fan or anything, but I really like this video... soft focuses and sweet lighting, not to mention the fact the boys are incredibly well dressed.

Interpol were on jtv this morning. Obstacle 1. Sigh. They were on Live at the Wireless on Monday too. I was hyperactive the whole rest of the night.

Friday, 28 March 2008

super fantastic.

I can't believe how slack I have gotten with this thing already.

I'd love to blame it on how busy I am but the truth is that I just don't have anything really interesting to share.*

Perhaps I will when I go to Denmark.

Yep, that's right, my super fantastic news is that I'm going to Denmark to live and study for a semester, in August! So soon!

Mmm, Denmark, home of Princess Mary, amazing design, Copenhagen Street Style and authentic danish pastries!!

So at the moment my mind is filled with (at least, jostling for space with Interpol - still) passports and student houses and crazy Danish words that I don't understand and websites that translate Danish to English and just travel and Europe in general.

Ahhh. To embrace all things Danish, go listen to The Raveonettes (I know it says US, but they're Danish, I promise.) I like.

*I think in sharing all this I just contradicted myself. But anyway.

Friday, 21 March 2008

killer for hire, you know that yourself.

Oh yeah, and yesterday Tannon told me that when I move my head from side to side when I listen to Interpol (which I didn't consciously realise that I did) I look like Carlos D.

I am not more scared of any other man on the planet. (Carlos D, that is. Not Tannon.)

my goodness.

Is it Friday already? And a whole week since my last post? The crazy heat must have melted my brain a bit, but THANK GOD that it is over. For now.

Anyway the Zine Fair was great (my haul, above), and the DIY Academy was... hot. And I was tired (seems to be a recurring theme) so I didn't enjoy it as much as a should have. And to be honest it just wasn't as fun as a thought it would be. The zine talk was interesting but more about Sticky in Melbourne that actually about zines; the blogging talk was all about making money from your blog AND it went for two hours SO I bailed after about 45mins... and then I just felt hot and bothered and tired so Tannon and I went to the notorious Cibo on Gouger (times visited in last week: 2, times they have stuffed up my order in last week: 2) and had coffee to wake us up.

I wish I was more assertive. I tend to just get walked over by people when things go wrong like that. NO, it is NOT ok that you gave my orders to someone else, not once, but TWICE! I demand a refund! Or at least some of that yummy looking gelati...

Anyway O-Ball wasn't too bad either... the line-up was a bit mediocre, but The Cops were good to see, and they sounded pretty smooth.

Work was ridiculously busy yesterday. Being a bakery that sells possibly the best hot cross buns in the world, it was to be expected, but still. I'm stuffed already, and the weekend has only just begun.

I have some super fantastic news to share but I'm just waiting for the right moment to tell it. I still need to let some people in the 'real world' know. I'd hate for them to find out this way.

This is the sweetest project.

I'm sorry that I'm detatched and tired, and all over the shop.

Friday, 14 March 2008

oh, fantastic.

"The city of churches became the home of the heatwave yesterday after a 39.7-degree scorcher in Adelaide made it 11 days straight above 35 degrees — an Australian record." (The Age.)

Well that's comforting isn't it?! We hold an Australian weather record. Well we're well and truly going to smash it, because it's going to be 38/39 until Wednesday, when it will drop down to a positively freezing 31. Brrr I better break out the scarves and coats early.

The thing is, a story like this would be great to tell the grandkids:

"Ahh, back when I was a youngster we had a terrible heatwave," - sips tea - "two weeks of searing heat, over 35!"

But by the time my grandkids come around it'll probably be the norm, they'll be complaning about 3 month long heatwaves of 45 or above.

But it's unlike me to get all environmental like that so I'll just stop complaining about the heat and just go and have a cool shower, I think.

PS How sweet is this plate display, from Desire To Inspire?

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

a valuable lesson.

I learnt a very valuable lesson last night: do not go to see a comedian when you are hot, tired and grumpy.

I went to see Daniel Kitson but the heat had absolutely drained my by his 9pm start time, and i could barely muster a smile let alone a genuine laugh. And he rambled, a lot. Which saw me curled up in my seat, eyes closed and almost dozing for the last... oh... hour or so of the show. Good thing I was sitting at the back. I feel bad that I was being a lousy audience member, not to mention the fact that I ripped myself off 25 bucks. I respected what he (eventually) had to say though. He made some good points. If only I could remember them.

But on the bright side I did get to go and see the wall art and vintage guitars exhibition. I picked out a Les Paul all by myself, without Tannon's help! God bless Paul Banks haha.

Oh and the picture at the top is just in my collection of ripped-off images from various sites, I think I got it from Domino Mag a while ago... I just thought that this whingy post needed to be prettied up a bit. I like animals with antlers.

Monday, 10 March 2008

it. is. so. hot.

It's been 30+ for about a week. And it's going to continue to be 30+ for another week. The heat is relentless, it's even hot at night.

Went to see Dave Callan with Tan and Pat last night. It was good, but very hot. The Fringe Factory Theatre is amazing, I love it. Zine Fair and DIY Academy next week!

Public holiday today, but it's too hot to do anything. Tan bought Guitar Hero and is amusing himself with that with my brother.

Sigh. Even being on the computer is hot.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

today my heart swings.

Maybe I just haven't noticed it, but the last three mornings it hasn't happened. Of course, it's always come back at various times during the day, and I still refuse to listen to anything else other than Interpol... but the constant invasion of my mind is fading.

By the way these kids make me laugh. Lost in the blinding whiteness of the tundraaaaaaaaaa!

And Ash left for Queensland on Tuesday. The lucky chicken received this rad little going away/homesick curing package I made up for her.

Monday, 3 March 2008

we spies, we...

Monday: Slow Hands.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

spare me the suspense.

Sunday: Mammoth.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

it continues.

Saturday: Obstacle 1.