Friday, 21 March 2008

killer for hire, you know that yourself.

Oh yeah, and yesterday Tannon told me that when I move my head from side to side when I listen to Interpol (which I didn't consciously realise that I did) I look like Carlos D.

I am not more scared of any other man on the planet. (Carlos D, that is. Not Tannon.)

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amy said...

i am such a fan of your ranting!! i do that nerdy nodding head thing when i'm reading and the silent affirming giggle thing too, so lame, hehe :) i know what you mean with the persona. i guess you can't really avoid it, i don't want to write about some things, like how dirty my carpet is (really bad example... its just super in need of a vacuum). so yeah, i'm selective that way... but i like to think my blog is me, doesn't have giggle fits like me, but definately has my personal aesthetic.

that goldfrapp box set is AMAZING! its like printed linen and the paper booklet, i go a little ga-ga for good design. so worth it just for the packaging, i picked it up at JB for $30 so its not too bad. haven't decided if i love or just like the music... LOVE the *happiness* track though, i play that one over and over :)