Thursday, 25 February 2010


This time every year, Adelaide goes a little bit nuts. The amazing Adelaide Fringe takes over every corner of the city, while Format Festival fills the nooks and crannies. Both make my schedule very, very full with attending shows, zine fairs and general festival fun times. This year, I'm working with both (one paid; the other I pay for in time and love). I think I'm starting to go a little bit insane from it all, but I keep telling myself that it's just one month - I've got the rest of the year to sleep.

Format gets bigger and better every year and the program is looking pretty darn good! Perhaps you've seen us around? We've kind of taken over Australia with our postcards, and we even got a tiny mention in Frankie.

I'm doing something kinda secret for the whole of Format. It's not secret as in you'll have to look hard - it's just that it's not in the program. You have to actually come in to find out. And when you do, you should say hi.

Format Festival runs from March 27-March 14
15 Peel St
Adelaide 5000

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Busy, busy, busy! I've been flat out working two jobs, volunteering in the Zine Shop, helping to plan Format Festival, assisting with Renew Adelaide, turning 21, writing for FiveThousand and handmaking gig 'posters' for Box Elder. This month is only going to get crazier.

a letter.

Dear Laneway Festival,

Thankyou ever so much for disallowing my camera into your event. Had it been allowed in, I may have actually enjoyed the half-hearted festival you put on in Adelaide, and therefore may be inclined to continue attending your festival in the future as I have religiously done so since you came to my city. However, your complete disregard for what I would have thought was your prime target audience - people such as myself with a 'more than just a point and shoot' interest in photography but without media passes - has severely disappointed me. My camera is hardly 'professional'. It is entry level with a kit lens. Sadly, it will take nothing less than a sublime lineup to ever get me back.