Monday, 24 May 2010

Oh! Danica found this little gem via Nearness of Distance. Nadja à Paris, 1964. Perfect for both the francophile and the ex-exchange student trying to put a finger on that niggling feeling of restlessness. Check and check.

I discovered a world without problems, a simpler world, more typically French. It really helped me let go of the superficial things in my life…

...I don’t intend to stay of course, but I hope I never lose touch with Paris. My stay here will leave its mark on me. That’s not surprising, because this just might be the most important period in ones life, when one shakes off past influences and one’s true personality is formed.

Her wonderful hair also makes me feel better about my awkward little crop! Apologies for the average screenshot... parts one and two.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hello Hattie Newman, I would very much like to be you. Even your 'about me' is amazing.
Oh no! While at the moment I'm not blown away by their latest release, it is quite upsetting that Carlos D has left Interpol. Sigh.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Melbourne. A city lucky enough to have En Route available year-round.

It's tough to describe, but En Route is a walking tour like no other. Highly recommended to do as both either visitor or a local (I have now done both and can't decide on my 'favourite'); and if you're alone the experience is even better.