Wednesday, 12 March 2008

a valuable lesson.

I learnt a very valuable lesson last night: do not go to see a comedian when you are hot, tired and grumpy.

I went to see Daniel Kitson but the heat had absolutely drained my by his 9pm start time, and i could barely muster a smile let alone a genuine laugh. And he rambled, a lot. Which saw me curled up in my seat, eyes closed and almost dozing for the last... oh... hour or so of the show. Good thing I was sitting at the back. I feel bad that I was being a lousy audience member, not to mention the fact that I ripped myself off 25 bucks. I respected what he (eventually) had to say though. He made some good points. If only I could remember them.

But on the bright side I did get to go and see the wall art and vintage guitars exhibition. I picked out a Les Paul all by myself, without Tannon's help! God bless Paul Banks haha.

Oh and the picture at the top is just in my collection of ripped-off images from various sites, I think I got it from Domino Mag a while ago... I just thought that this whingy post needed to be prettied up a bit. I like animals with antlers.

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Joanna Goddard said...

lovely image.

i've had that comedian experience too. bad comedy is the worst.