Friday, 14 March 2008

oh, fantastic.

"The city of churches became the home of the heatwave yesterday after a 39.7-degree scorcher in Adelaide made it 11 days straight above 35 degrees — an Australian record." (The Age.)

Well that's comforting isn't it?! We hold an Australian weather record. Well we're well and truly going to smash it, because it's going to be 38/39 until Wednesday, when it will drop down to a positively freezing 31. Brrr I better break out the scarves and coats early.

The thing is, a story like this would be great to tell the grandkids:

"Ahh, back when I was a youngster we had a terrible heatwave," - sips tea - "two weeks of searing heat, over 35!"

But by the time my grandkids come around it'll probably be the norm, they'll be complaning about 3 month long heatwaves of 45 or above.

But it's unlike me to get all environmental like that so I'll just stop complaining about the heat and just go and have a cool shower, I think.

PS How sweet is this plate display, from Desire To Inspire?

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