Monday, 10 March 2008

it. is. so. hot.

It's been 30+ for about a week. And it's going to continue to be 30+ for another week. The heat is relentless, it's even hot at night.

Went to see Dave Callan with Tan and Pat last night. It was good, but very hot. The Fringe Factory Theatre is amazing, I love it. Zine Fair and DIY Academy next week!

Public holiday today, but it's too hot to do anything. Tan bought Guitar Hero and is amusing himself with that with my brother.

Sigh. Even being on the computer is hot.

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juliet small ernst said...

that heat sounds like arizona heat--oppressive, listless-making heat that doesn't stop at sundown.

my sympathies (though i finally got out of arizona myself).

enjoy your blog very much, and wanted to comment especially on the "it's all too much" post about the internet but didn't see an option to comment.

many thanks.