Monday, 25 February 2008


Friday 10:30pm: Dappled Cities Fly (followed by The Presets) play to a damp and cold crowd in Rundle Park. Kids I am hanging with do not enjoy the 'art' and 'culture' aspect of the Fringe, nor the weather, nor the fact that they no nothing of the bands I have dragged them along to see (my first choices bailed on me - Tan to Sonic Youth, Amelia to work, Maddy and Dave started off with others, and in the crowd that was there, way to hard to catch up with). Pre-teens and 'town people' pretend to know the music that is being played to them. They fail miserably.

Saturday 11:30am: The lady at the gate nearly doesn't let me in to Laneway Festival because I have two Sudafeds in my bag from when I had a cold a couple of months ago. After checking with practically the entire ground staff and me insisting 'look, you can have them if you want I don't actually NEED them anymore, they're just in my bag...' she gets the all clear from above and lets me through, but only after body searching me, including my tight-ed up legs - hello lady, if I was concealing a weapon/alcohol/small animal in my tights, YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IT. I don't think that I looked particularly sus or anything, as I did see her frisk a few people - I just think she was just an eager beaver because it was early in the day. Also looks suspicisouly at my spare box of Polaroid film.

ANYWAY after that we had a wonderful day in the courtyard of Fowlers, except for the fact that my camera died during Feist. And the fact that I couldn't really see in Feist. And I really, really, really wanted to see her and take lots of photos. Okkervil River proved lively, the lead singer of The Panics looks just like a lady who comes into work (I'm going to ask her if it's her brother), Gotye was amazing despite some technical issues and Bridezilla, as predicted, were very sweet. Stars opened with Take Me To The Riot which was a bit of an anti-climax for me, and although I love Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the singer's voice borders on painful at times. The guitarist/keyboardist was a cheery chap though, I liked just watching him as he did his thing and grinned. I was a little disappointed with Broken Social Scene - they played about 4 hours in so our legs were in need of a rest by then, and they took a while to get into things so we decided to head to the back and sit down. So I guess it's kind of my own fault I couldn't get into it, but I had built up some fairly high expectations even though I don't know a hell of a lot of their stuff. I got to see some Damn Arms which I wasn't expecting to, so that was a bonus, I've really gotten into them more since I first saw them supporting Klaxons.

Saturday, 11:00pm, The Presets have played 2.2 songs: I realise that I do not like the Presets very much. I like the songs I should, and the rest I can give or take, and after a long, tiring day, I don't feel like still being pushed around by crazy girls while I try not to fall asleep while listen to music that wouldn't be out of place in 'one of those clubs' that I despise.

Saturday, 11:45pm: Dressed like a Grandma (I didn't mean to, honest. I wore my housewife dress, but with a belt to cinch and shorten it. The thing was, Tannon insisted that I take a jumper and all I had at his house was my op shop knitted cardie which looks great with skinny jeans, but decidedly nanna-ish when teamed with the aforementioned housewife dress. And while I don't discriminate against nannas, a line does have to be drawn somewhere), a sunburnt nose (chuck me some antlers and I could pass off as Rudolph) horrible 'end of festival' hair and with a major run threatening to make my tights disintegrate at any second, we manage to run into numerous people we know on the way back through town. So now they probably think I have morphed into some sort of bag lady, while Tannon managed to still look wonderful in a fabulous outfit that I ripped of a guy from Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! that I saw on Friday night.

And that, my friends, is a whole other story in itself.

Well, not really. But those kids in that band stalk me, I'm sure of it. Just ask Anders.

PS: photos up soon, I'll do a big gig-photo-post after INTERPOL which is TOMORROW. And share my super-fantastich op-shop finds from today! And my other exciting news-(ish!) Wow, don't you just want to come back for more?!

Haha I'm so uncool I'm almost cool. I'm saying that a lot lately.