Thursday, 28 February 2008


I have woken up every morning since the concert with an Interpol song in my head. Wednesday it was NARC, Thursday No I In Threesome and today Say Hello To The Angels.

PS - these are my super op-shop finds - amazing typewriter, awesome suitcase with crazy asymmetrical zip and a cute Agatha Christie novel, all nicely colour coded. Oh and I bought a sweet embroidered blouse too. It has nice sleeves.

PPS - also, in this Interpol-filled state of mind I am currently in it doesn't seem right to post my Laneway pictures. Due to my camera dying before Feist, Gotye etc and me failing to take many good photos anyway, I don't think I will. The better ones can be found here though.

PPPS - and my other news was that the lovely Amy, who writes my favourite blog that I always, always, ALWAYS check even before my own, featured me in one of her posts! I couldn't believe that anyone else even read this, let alone would recommend it to others! I was as pleased as punch with that. You can find it at Monday February 18. *beams*

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amy said...

aww :) thanks steph! i'm glad you like my little blog! i wish my op-shopping was as beautifully colour coded as yours! hehe :)