Monday, 1 December 2008


christmas at tivoli 10. christmas at tivoli 00. christmas at tivoli 01. christmas at tivoli 08. christmas at tivoli 04. christmas at tivoli 07. christmas at tivoli 06

So apparently Christmas is creeping up, although it doesn't feel like it for me at all... it's so cold, work isn't getting busy, there's been no Christmas pageant, I don't have a tree, I'm not frantically buying gifts. The only thing that gives it away a little is that the shops are decorated and they are always packed, particularly in the centre of Copenhagen. It is a strange feeling though.

Tivoli seems to be embracing Christmas though, I took these photos when I walked through it the other day. My favourites are the tree with the hearts tied to the branches, and the giant trojan reindeer. I love deer!

I am going to Barcelona in a week, and London via Amsterdam for New Years. Travels in January look like taking me through Czech Republic, Hungary, France and the UK. It is exciting, but stressful to organise and a little bit daunting.


.girl ferment. said...

oh the trojan deer is fantastic.
i am jealous of your travels, hope you have a wonderful time.

peachpatrol said...

can you tell me what Lumumba is? Sounds as cryptic as the hungarian "krampampuli" lol