Tuesday, 23 December 2008


blue sky!presents. skaters. giant lamp.malmö c.
Malmö turned on the bright lights for me today!! Well, we had some blue sky in southern Scandinavia, at least. It has really been trying to show through the last few days, but in turn the wind has been horrendous - never before (and probably never again) have I had wind coming at me from all different directions, all at the same time. Other times you will be walking with the wind at your back, pushing you so hard that you have to walk leaning backwards, and then in a flash it swirls around and it becomes a struggle to walk forwards. I will never understand the weather here!

I spent the day shopping across the Øresund, where it is much cheaper than in Copenhagen (well, relatively!) and where two of my favourite shops ever are located! Monki, an offshoot of the Cheap Monday brand, and Lagerhaus, full of wonderful homely bits and pieces! It is a pity that these stores are only in Sweden and don't ship anywhere else... But it is OK, I stocked up at both :)

PS That giant lamp is the coolest, most practical thing for a Scandinavian winter that I have ever seen. It gets light so late and dark so early, why not light up the streets with some overgrown home decor?!


amy said...

how wonderful to have the streets lit for you by a giant lamp!

peachpatrol said...

Dont think I missed the subtle Interpol reference..

"Malmö turned on the bright lights for me today!! " ...

danica said...

The presents in the trees!!! Lovely! Merry Christmas, Steph :)