Wednesday, 4 February 2009

big day out.

the grates 06.

tv on the radio 02.

fire! santa rosa, fire! 01.

I'm thinking that it is easiest to share everything backwards... so my last week has consisted of a lot of sleeping, along with catching up with friends and going to the Big Day Out (which also comprised of sleeping and friends). I've also started working again at my lovely little bakery, which I missed so much. These photos are from the Big Day Out which was SO hot and icky. I don't think my camera liked the heat/sweat/sunscreen it was subjected to. The Grates and TV on the Radio were probably the highlights, although it was lovely to see Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! again after being away for so long. Seeing them made me feel like I was finally home again.

In other news, my other favourite local band Lumonics has lost a member and is down to a three-piece. It shall be interesting to see how they fare now.

PS I'm not sure if it's just my computer or what, but the quality of the photos looks a lot worse than it should be (they're not great to start with...). Apologies, they're not as bad on Flickr.

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kim tori said...

Haha! I was right about BDO! Looks like fun too. The photo quality isn't really that bad so don't worry. And besides, you intentionally wanted them that way for an unmentioned, artistic reason. Right?