Thursday, 12 February 2009

edinburgh 02.

mr wood's fossils.

street art 01.


window 02.
More. Mr Wood's Fossils looks like something out of a story book.

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Katrine Ny said...

Edinburgh looks pretty nice indeed!
New possible destination on my list, I think.
It's terrible what you're telling me about the River Torrens! I just saw a clip on Advertiser's site, it looks crazy! It's all empty!
Somehow I hope you get rain soon, but I guess you're not. Are you getting used to the heat after 6 months in chilly Denmark?

Oh, and that clip with Sam the koala is great. I had seen some pictures already, but not this video. So cute.
The first time we went to OZ, we visited a koala shelter in Coffs Harbour or somewhere. The stories we heard about all the koalas were so heartbreaking! It's good to know that someone's taking care of them.