Monday, 9 February 2009

laneway festival.

the temper trap 03.

mountains in the sky 01.

still flyin' 04.


port o'brien 02.

Wow, it's a posting bonanza!

Laneway Festival happened on Saturday, and while I wasn't desperate to see anyone in particular, I was still quite pleased with the performances of Port O'Brien and Mountains in the Sky. Architecture in Helsinki are always fun, as were Still Flyin', who I hadn't really heard before.

The thing I love about Laneway is the intimacy. It's not overcrowded like other festivals, and you are just as likely to be standing next to the lead singer of Born Ruffians (check) as your best friend (check. It's not her scene, but she did make an appearance! So pleased.) Everyone is just so chilled and happy, and the artists are quite accessible.

Two other super-awesome things happened at/after Laneway, the first being me having my photo taken for some sort of fashion thing! It was right during No Age. Super, I love street-style blogs and features.

The second happened when we were walking home. This cool looking guy came up to us, and I noticed his 'artist' lanyard straight away, but couldn't figure out what band he was in. Anyway he was slightly drunk and lost in little old Adelaide, and was looking for his hotel. The boy picked him as the drummer from Port O'Brien (he's good like that), and we all had a good old chat as we worked out where his hotel was for him and walked him some of the way. Port O'Brien were probably my favourites for the day, so it was a bit awkward when he asked us who we had enjoyed... aargh the dilemma - be honest and sound like a suck up, or lie and say another band. I wish I was a quicker thinker on my feet, I just ended up saying nothing and agreeing with everyone else's choices.

That's all for now. But there is plenty more to come from my travels!

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