Sunday, 8 March 2009


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auf wiedersehen.
Hamburg was cheap and quick to get to by train from Denmark, so I got together a change of clothes and some rusty Deutsch, and took myself off for an overnight trip. I found it really visually interesting, especially Marktstrasse which was covered in street art, but also the new development area, and the giant monolithic bomb-shelter thing that could have held 17,000 people. This is only a few photos; there are lots more here. "Kan ich habe ein pretzel? Ja, ja! Danke Schon!"*

*Does not claim to be gramatically correct, or spelt right, for that matter. I'm pretty sure there is an umlaut on the 'o' in 'Schon', for example, but I cannot be bothered firing up Google Translate.

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peachpatrol said...

Really really? Cheap train ticket from Cph? How cheap? Yay! And although you were so close, for future reference: "Kann ich ein Pretzel haben?" though that translated to 'Can I have a pretzel' and the more polite form would be "Ich h├Ątte gerne ein Pretzel". Which is more "I'd like.." Anyway, I look forward to seeing you! How about a chai somewhere, sometime?