Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Mia Nolting keeps me amused for hours. What with her questionnaires, free stuff and art school money making scheme - which totally sounds like something we'd do at Format.

Now she's selling envelopes of 'stuff' and I am totally buying one. She also makes really nice pictures. With nice hand drawn type. Did I mention how witty and whimsical she is? Yeah. I kinda want to be her. (Just like I want to be Hattie Newman. Perhaps I should write an entire blog post about people I 'want to be'.)

I can't wait to see what I get in my envelope.


Anonymous said...

on a totally unrelated matter, your a fan of Steering right? check out the free section of Format before someone else beats you there and there might be something you would appreciate

Michelle said...

Thanks for this, I just bought a few of her words! The perfect birthday present for a friend, I think. What a clever person Mia Nolting is.