Saturday, 19 March 2011

Things are calming down a little now post-festival season, which is nice.

At the moment life is including all the usual things: Format, Renew, Brink (my day job) and also a new(ish) position as Associate Editor at FiveThousand. Hurrah!

I haven't always been forthcoming about my identity on here, although I'd expect that most of you have some idea of 'who I am'. In any case, I've now popped my email address up in the sidebar should you wish to contact me.

It's also not often that I acknowledge those of you who come here. From what I can tell it's a small but reasonably dedicated bunch! Thank you for reading and sharing. Your comments are always very much appreciated, and I particularly love finding new blogs through new commenters. Much love x


hila said...

yay for you! especially about the new associate editor position.

I'm still in the throes of festival season happenings. Exhausting, but fun.

See Hear Say said...

congrats on the new role at fivethousand!!