Sunday, 17 April 2011

My friends Mike and Anny have released some new music under the name of Glisk. Think Beach House x m83 with a tiny touch of something more pop, like Au Revoir Simone. (I'm terrible at comparing and reviewing music. It's really lovely.)

Their EP Servants Heart is free from here; I'm finding a hard time choosing a favourite song, but for the moment I'll say Emlin. Recognise the cover photo? It's courtesy of yours truly.

(OK, no more Adelaide music for a while. Wait. While I'm here, Doe is the third band I'm crushing on at the moment. Alright, done.)


Joy said...

Hmmm from the description this sounds just right up my alley.

danica said...

i downloaded this last night and ended up listening to it about eight time in row. i absolutely love it.

thanks for the recommendation, steph!

hila said...

I love this Steph, thanks for the intro. I really bad at reviewing music too - I can't seem to explain why I love or don't love a band/music in the same way that I do with films/books. It's strange.

máni said...

sounds wonderful! thanks for sharing!