Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Image0021 Image0022
The end of Copenhagen. For now, but certainly not forever.

Things that happened that have no images:
- Freaking out in peak hour cycling traffic/being on the wrong side of the road when I went riding through the city
- A wonderful lunch with Katrine
- Drinks with darling old friends at Kalaset
- My own little studio apartment in the centre of the city
- Hours and hours spent at The Log Lady
- Having that funny little language fill my ears, mind and heart
- Pastries
- Walking by the lakes and never ever wanting to leave


in dreams said...

love that second shot...the flowers are so low-key, but beautiful.

your rented apt looks awesome! full of light, and really clean. i'm bookmarking it. :)

hila said...

I hope not forever!