Saturday, 28 January 2012

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Oslo. I drank Norwegian beer and ate fish burgers at the harbour in the middle of a bustling food festival and market; I watched skateboarders roll up and down the front steps of the town hall; I took the train into the hills and went hiking, passing by two enormous but obviously out-of-action ski slopes; I saw a play at Black Box; I saw the absolutely amazing 'Absolute Installation' at the National Museum of Contemporary Art; I took a ferry ride around the fjord; I drank coffee at Fuglen (where the barista was from Melbourne, go figure) and admired the wings on the bike out the front; I drank more coffee - the best of my life - at Tim Wendelboe; I bought a waffle from a young girl around the corner who was making and selling them in the street (perfect English at age 10. Cue feelings of inadequacy); I had my photo taken for a Japanese magazine out the front of a cafe one morning - apparently I'm a good representation of the Norwegian cafe/knitting culture (go figure x2)!

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