Monday, 14 January 2008

uh oh...

Ok, so I'm 14 days late. I guess over the silly season it's easy to lose track of time, not that I've been particularly silly, or have a 14 day hangover from NYE... just family coming down and busy times at work, outings, holidays and other whatnot...

My beautiful boy gave me a polariod camera for Christmas, just what I wanted. Two shots, Ash and I at a playground when we went out for tea with the boys - our perfectly planned night ended up being pretty spontaneous, with an East End park walk and playground stop to boot; La Boheme was closed, so we went straight out for tea at Star of Siam on Gouger St, then we decided to head down to Rundle St to Cocolat, and then Palace Nova to see I'm Not There. I'll admit, I didn't know a lot about Bob Dylan going into it, so it took me a while to piece things together and work out what was actually going on. But does anyone really know much about Bob Dylan anyway? He's a bit of an enigma really, which I think was what the movie was trying to show. Cate Blanchett was amazing.

The second shot is just the boys at the Moonlight Cinema, for Dave's 19th. We went to Pulp Fiction, which I hadn't seen before, but quite enjoyed, despite the cold. As soon as the sun went down there was a chill that most of us definitely weren't expecting. But it was still nice to see everyone.

I love my polaroid, but I'm scared to use it... I don't want to waste shots, but at the same time it's the amatuer nature of the photos and the little faults that make them so beautiful. All in good time, methinks.

Speaking of all in good time, I bought the most amazing shoes from an op shop in Norwood a few weeks ago... but I just can't find the right time and place to wear them. They are so beautiful, I love them. So frenchy, so chic, wouldn't you agree?