Tuesday, 22 January 2008

yesterday, today, tomorrow.

In this period of 72 hours I have/will:
  • work two closes
  • paint a bookcase
  • rearrange and clean my room
  • bake honey biscuits and walnut/brown sugar cake from afternoon tea
  • have brunch with amelia
  • get my hair cut and coloured
  • miss tannon
  • get excited about my birthday aka 'radical times at french bars and indie clubs'
  • get angry about the price of almond meal
  • write a blog post

Seriously, about this almond meal thing, I was dying to make the lemon polenta cake from afternoon tea until I realised how much almond meal costs. $3.79 for 100g, and I needed 500 for the cake! That's almost 20 bucks straight up, and for this novice cook, a little to much for one cake.

Honestly, I love frankie like a twin sister, but you would think they would include recipies their target market could afford to make. You know the ones... 18-30, hip young students and/or impoverished arty types who, after taking out their monthly expenses of frankie, op-shop-gold finds, friday night cocktails with the girls, 2x gig tickets, polariod film, sunday brunch with some mates you met at the going away party for your friend that just finished her graphic design course and is now living in europe, canvas for your latest bright idea... I mean, the kids at frankie should know that there isn't a lot left for $20+ cakes, and especially not when its weighed up against getting a fab new coffee table book or an amazing pair of vintage heels, albeit overpriced.

Just some thoughts.

Can't WAIT until my bookcase is dry.