Thursday, 5 June 2008

so lovely.

By Lina Scheynius, from here.

They're so frankie*, with a touch of Europe.

Things I need to buy before Denmark:

  • Danish phrase book
  • a couple of second hand Agatha Christie books to read on the plane
  • a trench with a bubble skirt (where oh where can i find one?)
  • long boots
  • new flats
  • better-fitting black jeans
  • grey leg warmers
  • a new pair of cheap, white canvas shoes
  • warm woolen beanie/hat/beret type-things
  • fingerless gloves

*I love using nouns as adjectives.

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conn tomas o'brien said...


this is conn from weheartfourthings.
dave said you were a totaly excellent photographer.
did you want to do some cool photo-related stuff for us?
i feel stupid because i am posting this on your blog because i don't know your email.
oh well.
my email is connorobrien1 [@t]