Wednesday, 11 June 2008

i am ready, i am ready for a fall.

excellent dress, socks and heels combo from manchester looks, a while ago

I grew up a little today, when I, wait for it, returned a coat to Myer. I know. Didn't that just blow your mind?

So I'm 19 and have never returned anything to a shop before. I'm not overly assertive and tend to just live with my mistakes, but at the moment I just can't afford to have clothes in my wardrobe that don't get any wear.

It was so cute on the rack, quite nice on in the change rooms, and our life together looked perfect when I decided it would go perfectly over a vintage dress and tights.

But the reality of getting it home changed my mind, and for once I stood up to (who... myself?) and decided to take it back.

I was so nervous about having to return it, but the girl was really cruisy about it. Of course I played the 'sorry to be such a pain' and 'thanks so much, I really appreciate it' cards, but I was expecting so much more hoo-ha.

In the meantime, I spotted a pair of faux-wayfarers which said $30 on the tag but scanned at $15. I've been looking for just the right pair for ages, and I think these are it. Excellent.

The other thing that is troubling me at the moment is bus etiquette. I hate that moment when someone you know gets on, catches your eye and then makes you look away quickly like you never noticed, and it's all 'hmm, did he/she see me? Did he/she see me seeing them?'

A guy I sort-of know (who is so painfully cool that I am intimidated by him to the point of no return) was on my bus today. I didn't realise until well into the trip when I was vaguely looking around that he was on, and when I saw him, he was looking at me. Now, I was on the way back to minding my own business anyway, my eyes were already returning to my iPod. But seeing him on the bus so unexpectedly made me practically jump out of my skin and that awkward eye-flick-uh-oh-I-think-they-saw-that-and-now-because-the-bus-is-emptying-they-are-headed-this-way-to-find-a-seat happened.

Needless to say, I busied myself with finding a song on my iPod (and NO it was not Interpol, I think it was Girls Who Play Guitars by Maximo Park) and he sat a few seats in front of me. But now what happens if I see him and he brings up that he saw me. If, that is, he even saw me. "Oh really?! I didn't see you! I must have been of in my own little world that day".

Oh, the social dilemmas of catching public transport.

What do you do if you see someone you only kind of know, or someone you do know but don't want to talk to? If they catch you realising that they're there, you're doomed. And worse, if they catch you and then also ignore you like you're trying to do to them, where does that leave your relationship? Is anyone supposed to make a move in that situation?

Jeez, am I channeling Carrie Bradshaw or what? (I'm seeing it this week... oooh yeah.)

PS note the non-Interpol lyrics for the title. Don't get me wrong, I still listen to Interpol at least four times a day, but I have expanded my repertoire a little. To Hot Chip, at least.

PPS this has been such a long post, congrats if you've gotten this far. Until my assignments are done, however, I will be refraining from blogging, facebooking, etc. The only thing I will check is my email. In the meantime, go check out the polaroid edition of We Heart Four Things. The boys are really hitting the mark now, I'm impressed.

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Kim said...

I once ran into an ex on the bus. In all honesty, didn’t even notice it was him until he called out my name. Then, of course, I visibly jumped, located the voice and then exclaimed: “Oh, hi. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t recognise you.” Smooth. Very smooth. (But truthful.) Obviously, I’m no help whatsoever, because I’m apparently unable to recognise an ex-boyfriend, much less someone I only slightly know at all... xo