Wednesday, 10 September 2008

i'm hopeless.

I couldn't not do it.

I found this, and couldn't resist.

I've never been one to pre-plan a wedding, or a funeral for that matter, but something, anything, from this album WILL be played at both.

Now I've moved onto listening and watching the real thing. Listening to copious amounts of Interpol when you are detached from everyone and everything is not a good idea. The only substitute I can think of, however, is Joy Division. Which is just as bad, if not worse.


Chio_Garu said...

Unfortunately the speakers on this computer have been disabled...probably because I am in one of several of UNI SA's computer I'll just wait until my Multimedia class to take a closer look and listen to that video there ^_~

Thanks for the comment ^^ I really appreciate it.

reub said...

i really wouldn't bother, Interpol suck. LOL