Sunday, 26 April 2009

more films.

This time, the French And They Lived Happily Ever After.

I'm not that big a fan of Johnny Depp (don't even get me started on Pirates of the Caribbean 3) - not that I think he is a bad actor, or don't like the films he picks, quite the opposite - more that I just don't buy the whole sex symbol thing. Also not fans of: Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, that Twilight guy that everyone seems to be raving about (again, don't get me started). But Depp in this movie was quite magical, despite his small role. The scene above, with Charlotte Gainsbourg who I love, love, love, love, love, was amazing. And it was set to Creep by Radiohead. In fact most of the soundtrack to this film was either Radiohead or the Velvet Underground, which was a nice surprise.

The whole movie was lovely, looking at the relationships of three men and questioning whether the 'wife and kids' path was the right one for each of them to either take or not take. The end was a little disappointing, but oddly satisfying at the same time.

I've really been getting into SBS lately. Mad Men is great. The commercials seem to be really chronically bad at the moment; or maybe they always have been, and I've just matured in taste a little.

Anyway this movie made me want to have long hair again, wear more trench coats, saunter around Paris, and live in a lovely upstairs apartment with a double-door entry, big windrows, wooden floorboards and multiple fireplaces.


Anonymous said...

You're mad. Johnny Depp's fucking beautiful. He's got the most perfect facial bone structure ever and he oozes sex appeal. You just have weird taste.

Anonymous said...

i adore her (johnny depp's not too bad in my book either...)

kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

hello missey. i got a lovely new bike and i thought of you! x

kim tori said...

I don't like Brad Pitt either. Johnny Depp I don't mind, but I'm not really a fan of celebrities. I do, however, fall for the characters in they play in movies and the characters I read in books.. Does that count?

Stephanie Kim said...

i dont find him attractice one bit. im glad im not alone. :)