Tuesday, 12 May 2009

pretty colours.

sunset 02.
sunset 01.

The sky was changing colours as I left the city tonight. Tangerine, rose, lilac and peach. Even the names sound pretty.


amy said...

oh you pretty skies! i'm so happy you liked the little parcel, i'm sorry it was so long coming!! i have been inexcusably negligent of my postal duties lately.

kim tori said...

Very pretty. I thought so that night driving home too - but not so eloquent about it!

Katrine Ny said...

Beautiful beautiful! But you know, it makes my heart ache 'cause it's sooo Adelaide to me. I remember this kind of skies when biking home from my Wednesday night class at Magill driving on Magill Rd. and watching the sun set behind the city. I can sense the air and hear the birds...Aw..