Friday, 8 May 2009


Knitty, knitty by ashleyg.

Girl at work: Oh my goodness Steph, aren't you freezing in that t-shirt? (The t-shirt is our uniform, for the record.)
Me: Um... no? I'm actually kind of hot.
Girl at work: (disbelieving look)
Me: It's really not that cold!

Living in Denmark made me really truly understand what 'cold' was. Fourteen degrees or whatever it was today is not cold. It doesn't mean I don't like winter and snuggling and wearing warm clothes though. If I could knit, I would totally make up a big massive scarf that covered almost my entire body.

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kim tori said...

I remember working there and being frightfully cold. Less so on an opening shift thanks to ovens, and running around cleaning helped too. But my hands still would turn purple! Knitting's easy-peasy, by the way. :)