Saturday, 21 August 2010

Back in Adelaide, I finished the roll that was in my camera. The map shop across from Format has an atlas in the window and the page changes every day. We went on a 'retreat' to a forest in the hills. Tannon recently moved house and now not only does he live with some super-nice housemates, but if you squint through his window you can see their overgrown red shed with white trimmings - and it's ALMOST like a Swedish summer house.


peachpatrol said...

Nice photos Steph! Also I was thinking we (well the good kids at Format!) should have Halloween Markets! Like the Xmas in July ones just a whole lot spookier! I think it would be fun to make it a routine of sorts without getting into the boring "once a month" type thing. And the decorating would be fun too! .. just a thought! have a good one x

hila said...

I'd take an ALMOST swedish summer house over none!
Stunning imagery.