Sunday, 23 January 2011

Things that have taken my fancy this week:

Cosmic Wonder via 01 Blog.

This Bodkin dress, also via 01 Blog.

This picture Johanna took in Tel Aviv. Israel has never featured highly in my 'must see' destinations. Maybe that is changing.

This Jeff Ramsay tote (via Wolf Eyebrows) seems appropriate for me/this blog.

Layers on Hel Looks make me dream of cooler climates.

Ashley wrote about the German word 'waldeinsamkeit': the feeling of being alone in the woods. I'm fascinated by words that are not easily translated into English. They often seem to relate to feelings, which makes me concerned about the limited nature of the language.

PS. I never received an arrow in my driveway, but I've now heard that arrow trails do pop up every now and then around here! I would love to one day meet this dear person. I'm sure they'd have an amazing story to tell.

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