Sunday, 28 August 2011

I guess it's over and out from me for a while. Leaving one great city for another. Feeling like it's a good thing to do. Looking forward to switching a lot of things off and having the best time. See you in a month.

Things I will be sad to miss out on while I am away:
Desiccated Magic
Absolute Boys and Circular Keys
No One Wants To Play With Us
Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders, Ghoul and Steering By Stars

Poster by Chris Edser.


Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

enjoy the travels and the (internet) silence. it does help at times.

amy said...

hope you have the best time! it's nice to switch off every now and then :)

hila said...

will miss you here, but so happy to hear of you enjoying yourself. Have blast steph!

hila said...

'have a blast', sigh ... :)

Anonymous said...


how was it?