Sunday, 16 October 2011

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I have no idea where to begin with this. I've been all over the place since returning - in mind and body (Hello, Newcastle! Hello, awful virus!) - and I wonder if this blog is perhaps not the best place for all the thoughts that are in my head. I would like to get them all out though. So perhaps I will write elsewhere.

Copenhagen turned on its very best grey weather the day I arrived. It was perfect. Breaking through the clouds over the ├śresund and seeing the bridge, the wind farms and the familiar flatness of the land was such a heart-poundy, hand-shaky moment. I know how silly this sounds and how much I had built this up for myself - to constantly yearn for a place that that I cloud with nostalgia, to make it seem like such a monumental thing when really it's just 20-or-so hours away by plane... and yet, it IS still so far away. So out of reach.

But as soon as I was on the Metro heading into the city, I knew I was home. Everything came back, and it was like I had never left.


amy said...

20 hours or not, it is still on the other side of the world! i've always wondered what it would be like to revisit my old city of edinburgh, to experience it at an older age, i suppose one day i'll find out!

i hope it was a dream, and that you're feeling better!

Olga said...

Steph, it SO beautiful. would love to see more and read about your thoughts and adventures.