Saturday, 29 October 2011

Lately: The Tallest Man On Earth (just magical live. I definitely came away with a bad case of 'swollen heart'. Thank you Earth Station!), Lemon and Coconut Brownies, Katie Paterson's direct line to Vatnaj√∂kull (listen here), Ray Harris' AEAF exhibition, roses. I bought some for myself this afternoon, because you know what? I deserve them.

I have plenty more of my own photos to come. Thank you for your kind words so far.


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steph. said...

you're the best, anonymous. x

Naomi Bulger said...

Hi Steph, just popping in to say I am the newest subscriber to your beautiful blog. I found you in a roundabout way: like you, I'm also a pen pal of Hermine from Journal de Jours. I went to her blog today to tell her the 5c coin was actually an echidna not a koala, but you got there before me. So then I clicked through to see who you were, and fell in love with your blog. Not to mention, you're a fellow Adelaidian! (I only moved here a couple of months ago but already I love it). So, hello! I look forward to hearing more of what you have to say.