Monday, 7 November 2011

Tracey Emin, The Perfect Place To Grow, 2001

"…to lose that unconditional love is a greater loss than actually losing my Dad, because it's something that I've always had, whether he's been around or not. So it's more like I've lost a feeling, which is very strange. It's left a big hole somewhere."

I watched the Artscape interview with Tracey Emin last night and was blown away. Tracey is not only a brilliant artist, but a wonderful and warm speaker who has lived more lives than I ever will. Over the years she has developed a beautiful, logical wisdom that resonated so very strongly with me. A truly fascinating woman.

Danica also recently saw it, and she writes far more eloquently than I on Tracey and her work. Go here.


Happy Thoughts said...

couldn't say it any better. Well done!

hila said...

I saw that interview too, wasn't it fantastic? I love her to bits - I admire her honesty the most.

danica said...

i think the most touching part of the interview was when she was talking about this installation. i would love to see it.

and thank you for the kind words. i don't think i have ever been described as eloquent before! x