Thursday, 28 August 2008

i want, i want.

This is what I want:

To have Robbie, Marieke and the Doctor wake me up in the morning. To not take warm sunny days for granted. To shop at Coles. To listen to the football on the radio. To eat a Cheesymite. To wave to the people behind the counter of the Cheesymite-selling store. To be behind the counter of the Cheesymite-selling store.

To cuddle/annoy my puppy. To annoy my brother. To browse in the Mary Martin Bookshop. To complain about going to 'The Stirls', but secretly love how I get to see everyone there. To sit on the hard tram seats, just for a stop or two. To have coffee with my best friend. To have coffee with the Uni girls. To complain about the news quizzes.

To go somewhere, anywhere in Man Car. To come home and watch Rage. To visit Mint Vintage. To text my friend whenever I see a member of Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! To pay $1.35 for a bus trip to town in peak time. And back, if I am lucky. To be able to find everything single item on my shopping list. To go to Supermild. Or at least say that I want to go to Supermild. To walk down Rundle St. To snuggle up in Cocolat with a mug-sized latte.

To eat at Scoozi. To go and see a French film. To go to a newsagency and buy Frankie. To go to Queen St and pretend that I am hip. To see your band. To be able to tell you that I love the new Kings of Leon song because they have 'been flogging it on Triple J'. To be able to tell you that I love you.

I love Copenhagen, but I still want what I miss from home.

However even if I could combine just a couple of things on my list with Denmark, I would feel like I was asking for too much. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

What do you want?

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kim tori said...

I miss the bakery too. I can mail you a copy of frankie if you like (although I'd guess you've probably arranged for that to happen somehow, but if you haven't, email me your mailing address). Anyway, I want: more sleep, more time, to be able to eat gluten, to know/learn enough to pass my next block of exams in a comfortable fashion, to remember what I've learnt in the long-term. xo