Saturday, 23 August 2008

one, two, three, four.

Pretty Danish flags / Perfect sky and my wonderful umbrella / I see ladybirds everywhere / Castle in which Hamlet is based.

In beautiful weather I visited a town called Helsingor. It is on the coast and is *this close* to Sweden. I sat under my umbrella on a hill in front of the castle and stared across the water at Sweden for over an hour. I waited to hear how the band had gone in their second ever gig, and their first one playing originals. It also happened to be part of a band competition.

They won their night and will now play in the semi-final.

I am so proud, but my heart aches.

1 comment:

Anders said...

wow amazing photos steph!
Although i beleive they are ladybugs not ladybirds :P

oh and i love the typography in the title!
It's missing a "t" though. Although don't get carried away and put two t's in....