Monday, 1 September 2008

thursday: content.

Reading a train-based Agatha Christie mystery, on a train / A totally rad looking window display and a wonderfully coloured mint green bike / Drinking coffee after coffee, and 'reading' the glossy Rip It Up equivalent / Bakery... mmm.

Being away from home isn't as tough when you spend your days doing this.


amy said...

oh i hope you're having a lovely time!! it sounds like you are, so many wonderful things to see, i miss europe so much


kim tori said...

Those are some pretty photos. Agatha Christie is such nice travel reading. I love Miss Marple - enjoy reading books with her in them more than with Poirot.

danica said...

These are such wonderful photos, Steph! I hope the homesickness is getting better/easier :)

Connor Tomas O'Brien said...

your photos are nice. the post about the things you want to do in adelaide was funny, i will swap with you if you want.